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About us 

Beyond Cafe is a family owned business and our mission  is not only to serve the best quality Coffee and  Tea  and the tasty homemade soup, sandwiches, salads, breakfasts and the homemade baked goods but also to serve a great experience for everyone. Our theme is 50s home and we want everyone to feel at home while enjoying their food and escape from the daily stress of life. 

Beyond cafe is a place for studying for hanging out with friends and family and for exploring . its also a place  for playing and creating a community as we have chess  and backgammons and other things from the 50s-60s for a great fun experience.

{Solo Espresso} 


{Creamy Smokey Saffron Meat}

{Iced Biscoff Latte}


{Egg and Quinoa Breakfast}

{Cafe Latte}

{Strawberry Banana Crepe}

{Creamy Oat Soup}

{Shakshuka with feta and avocado salad}

{Homemade Honey Cake}

{Caramel Macchiato}

{Homemade Pistachio Cheesecake}

IMG_0931 (1).jpg

{High Tea}


{Beat, ginger & Carrot}

{ Homemade Baklava Cheesecake}

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